La Ventana

By Julian

La Ventana is a beautiful beach, and they have a lot of kite surfers there. They go there because the wind is perfect for kite surfing. The kite surfers are very skilled and talented. They were flipping a lot. They would go in the air and doing cool flips.

The people who we talked to in the campground were very nice too. Some of them come and stay here for many months just to kite surf every day. It was very warm and windy when we were there. The wind starts every afternoon, which is when the kite surfers go out. Someday I would like to kitesurf, but for now I like to watch them.


2 thoughts on “La Ventana

  1. You’re doing so many interesting things. Sounds like fun and Yes, try that kitesurfing! If you can swim with sharks I would think you’d “swim” in the sky!


  2. Cool , I used to love wind surfing
    Which is almost the same thing

    Madison is having kites on ice next week
    All the lakes are frozen now
    I’m ice fishing tomorrow


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