La Paz

By Maddy

Well after a while on the road we were all feeling like we could use a little space and break from the tight quarters (and maybe from each other a bit!) So we booked an Airbnb in La Paz for 4 days. It was a great decision and we loved the place we stayed which was super unique and Gaudi inspire architecture. The whole house was all round and curvy and white with great windows and art all around. We loved it! The master bathroom didn’t have a door, which was a bummer but it did have insane views of the city and the sea.

The house had a pool which was a bit too cold for us, and the hot tub wasn’t working which was too bad. But we still spent a lot of time hanging outside.

We also got the chance to catch up on work and have the kids do some blogging and math and such.

I enjoyed running on the malecon (beachfront walkway) though I did have to wear a mask as there were some other people around, which always makes it hard to breathe!


One thought on “La Paz

  1. i would LOVE to stay in that house. Fabulous. Great to hear that your trip continues to go well despite the car “crash.” I enjoy hearing about your adventures and as I have not traveled in a long time it feels like a good substitute.


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