Cabo Pulmo

We arrived in Cabo Pulmo after several days in the windy towns of La Ventana and Los Barriles.  We were warned that the last 10 kilometers to the town were unpaved and a bit rough but we had no problems just went very slow.  Cabo Pulmo is a Mexican National Marine park that encompasses a coral reef off the coast and is known as the best diving in Baja, so naturally we were drawn there to dive.  The Cabo Pulmo reef is the most northern reef in the Eastern Pacific and is an example of an overfished spot that was restored and preserved. We chose to stay on the south side of town at the Cabo Pulmo park, it was a boondocking spot with a ton of fun rocks to climb around on for the kids.  There was snorkeling near the shore but the water was too rough.

The next morning we went diving, happily the waters were not too rough and we got two nice dives in.  The first was a reef dive, with lots of fish and we saw a huge leatherback turtle!  Our second dive was on a ship wreak that is frequented by bull sharks, we love sharks so we jumped at the chance.  Unfortunately I busted my GoPro case last year so I wasn’t able to take it diving.

Apres diving we went and got fish tacos and ceviche then found another beach to boondock at.  I was able to find a place with a tv and caught the Packers game in a well ventilated space.   The kids played around on the beach coming up with a way of surfing down the rocks.


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