Bahia San Luis Gonzaga

By Caroline Niebauer

Bahia San Luis Gonzaga is a beautiful place and has amazing beaches. When we were there we stayed at an awesome beach campsite called Papas Fernandez, there were only two other people on the entire beach! When we parked Julie and I got our swimsuits on and ran to the waves, the water was so cold! Our mom brought us towels and hot cocoa, after we got warm we begun the hunt for cool shells. First we just checked on the beach then discovered a huge patch of rocks that after some exploration had tons of shells of all different shapes and sizes like Cowrie and sundial shells.

That night we ate shrimp tacos they were really good, really big shrimp! After watching the sun go down we discovered the time had gone out and so we went tide pool exploring and found several star fish and some colorful Chiton (a mollusk with a pretty shell), it was so much fun. if you ever find yourself in Baja be sure to check out Bahia San Luis Gonzaga.


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