Bahia de Los Angeles and San Ignacio

After reading about the bay of angels we decided that we couldn’t pass it up.  It was described as one of the most beautiful bays on the Baja peninsula.  We finished traveling highway 5, which as newly paved was a pleasure compared to what Hwy 1 would bring. It was significantly harder driving, with shoulders much reduced and semi-trailer traffic increased, we had a lot more white knuckle miles. Bahia Los Angeles was about 30 min off the main highway but the road was pretty empty. 

We arrived at our RV park, mostly chosen because they had showers and it was on the ocean.  Probably one of our least favorite parks mostly due to the amount of dog poop around.  It was mostly geared toward fisherman with the accompanying flock of seagulls.  We got some paddle boarding in and lots of beach time and walks.  It was quite beautiful with azure water and islands off the coast giving an interesting sunset.  We liked it well enough but probably wouldn’t go back again.  The showers by the way were warm but pretty grubby.

Bahia de Los Angeles

The next day we finally crossed over into Baja California Sur, the lower half of Baja peninsula and halfway to Cabo San Lucas.  After driving lots of miles in Baja California we will be driving less per day and staying at places for more days and getting a bit more immersed in the culture.  We pulled into San Ignacio after driving through the desert on Hwy 1 and were surprised to see the verdant landscape of the oasis.  We brought our RV into the main square of the town, a typical Spanish quadrangle with a mission one side and administrative buildings on the opposite side.  We decided to get ice cream and enjoy the town square.  We camped on the reservoir dammed to provide the water for the oasis.  We have really been fortunate to get camp sites on the water almost wherever we go, not sure if it would be this easy in a non covid year.  There was lot of birds on the reservoir including a duck that when it quacked sounded like it was farting. We couldn’t stop laughing. Tomorrow on the Bahia Conception.

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