Aguas Termales

We love our hot springs so when the opportunity to visit a hot spring right on the ocean presented itself we couldn’t resist.    We said goodbye to our gracious host in San Felipe and traveled down highway 5 to Puertecitos where the hot springs could be found.  We paid about $5 USD and gained entrance.  We were advised to get there in between the high and the low tides because the hot spring are naturally to hot to sit in when they come out of the earth but as the tide rises it cools down the water enough for you to get in.  There were three small pools that were constructed to contain the water.

When we first got there the first pool was already infiltrated with cold sea water and was already abandoned by the any bathers but the the next one was too hot so we milled around the edges of the pool as the sea rose.  Little by little the cold sea water cooled the pools to a nice 100 degrees.  It was fun migrating down the pools following the perfect spot.  After about 30 minutes of nice temperatures the pool was too cold.  The last pool was a ways up the shore so likely wouldn’t be cool enough for several hours. It felt like a really unique experience to have.  A perfect new years day activity!    


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