New Year’s Border Crossing

Although it has been reported that travel across the border with the USA and Mexico has been restricted, we didn’t have much trouble crossing.  We entered into Mexico at the town of Mexicali mostly to drive on highway 5 (recently paved) but this border crossing does typically have fewer people crossing per day than Tijuana. We completed our online FMM (immigration forms) in advance including paying the $30 fee for entering and noted we were there for education purposes.  We were stopped and inspected by Mexican authorities which lasted less than 10 minutes.  It seemed like they were quite happy to have RV tourists.  Once in Mexico we stocked up on groceries including lots of fresh veggies and fruits. 

We traveled as far as San Felipe and then stopped for the night.  We were going to stay at an RV park on the beach close to the center of town but pulled into the wrong entrance.  As we were turning around the owner of the small motel came out to talk to us and offered to let us stay in his parking lot free of charge for the night.  We had access to the beach and security of the place, no electricity, but we are self-contained anyway.  We parked next to the building to avoid the winds and headed out to investigate the beach. 

The town looked like it would normally be full of partiers on New Year’s Eve but was actually pretty.  We strolled on back to our RV to have some dinner and celebratory beverages before calling it a night pretty early. Adios 2020!


5 thoughts on “New Year’s Border Crossing

  1. I love reading your journal and my traveling soul goes with you. I hope that your trip continues to be so successful. Stay safe. Kathy


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