We arrived in Vientiane on Thursday night and got our typical two rooms next to each other in a rooming establishment.  This time it was the Vientiane Garden hotel, it was not a bad place and had a pool.  We later heard it was in the backpacker alley district of Vientiane; we also learned later than night that there is a new music venue that was just completed adjacent to the hotel.  They pumped out of tune American cover songs until about 11:30 at night, at least the girls slept through it.  If the music continues I would imagine the reviews in that place will probably suffer in the future.

We explored the Mekong shore at sunset and got some street food before heading to bed.  My rash from the river seems to have hit a climax and is getting better.  The next day we did lots of school and then headed out to visit the Patuxay Monument, a bit like the Arc de Triumph of Laos.


We then met up with a family that we got connected with through the Teach for America Magazine that featured our world schooling exploits.  It was fun to chat and have dinner with other Americans in such an exotic location.  The next day we boarded a plane for Angkor Wat.



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