Sao Mateus and Itacare

The first day out of Buzios we drove for 10 hours following the coast but out of view of the ocean, we had a fairly uneventful ride with school completed on ipads and another one of the famous Brazilian buffets for lunch.  We arrived in Sao Mateus without a reservation but didn’t have much trouble finding a nice hotel at a surprisingly good price.  We seem to be beneficiaries of a weak Brazilian economy, we had some dinner in town and went to bed in our hotel room.  It was about 11pm that Julie got sick with some serious projectile vomiting.  Blech… we dealt with the throwing up for part of the night and we are hoping that this is the last episode.  Julie was perfect by the morning.

We drove another 9 hours the next day arriving in Itacare which was only a few hours outside of Salvador our eventual destination for the next week.  Itacare is a little surf town at the mouth of a river, but it definitely had the bohemian vibe.  We stayed in a historic mansion converted into a guest house called Casarao Amarelo, it was a entirely painted yellow and was easy to find.  We only stayed there for one night but we enjoyed a new cuisine, the tapioca, which was a pita pocket type thing with cheese and sausage and what ever else you wanted.  We enjoyed views from our yellow casa of the beach and the mouth of the river, it was a cloudy day but people were out on the beach and once the sun went down people were out enjoying the restaurants and the bars near the beach.  We went to sleep early to endure our third straight day of driving although only 4 more hours to Salvador.



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