Cabo Frio

Wednesday we went to Cabo Frio an area south of Buzios and took a boat tour to several of the inaccessible beaches in the area.  The weather was beautiful and we were looking forward to the boat ride and peacefulness on the beach…. Ha ha haaaaa.  As soon as we got to the boat dock there were a half dozen people trying to sell us a boat ride and someone ran along our car trying to sell us a parking spot which we finally relented and took.  We got a package deal with the boat and parking and were on our way, until the “hangries” hit, Caroline had a huge meltdown after being told she would have to wear a long sleeve swim shirt so as we climbed on board the boat there was much crying, gnashing of teeth and throwing things.  I almost thought that some other boat riders were going to get off.

The gate upon arrival at Cabo Frio

Anyway after settling down we went to a beach on Prianha Pontal do Atalaia, we pulled up and had to wade through water to get to the beach, which was fun and also a bit nerve-wracking thinking of dropping a bag filled with phones and wallets.  Nobody told us about this feature of the boat ride; but everyone did well.  Oh well more adventure, there were about 10 other boats that docked at the beach so the beach was packed with tourist.  We understood why, it was beautiful, with very fine white sand beaches and beautiful views, we spent most the time building sand castles and encouraging Caroline to relax and enjoy herself.

The next beach was actually on an island called Praia da Ilha do Farol; beside the beach the rest of the island was protected due to ancient burial grounds and you could actually see bones in one area that was roped off.  After exploring we played in the water for a bit before swept away to the final beach Praia do Forno, where we had a late lunch of fries and calamari, washed down with a couple Caipirinhas for the adults only.  The beach life is one I could get use to…. we played in the water and the sand a bit more before heading back to the boat launch.




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