I got up at 7:30 and walked down to the dive shop and was right on time, although I forgot my dive book.  There were 5 people and myself and several employees waiting at the dive shop; it wasn’t long before we walked out to the boat about a block away. Everyone was speaking Portuguese so I survived on hand gestures and boarded the boat with our tanks and equipment and we headed out.  The ride was approximately 1 hour along the coast out to Ilha Ancoro (Anchor Island), we started out in calm waters but soon we were in the open ocean with large swells, I was glad to have taken my sea sickness pills.

We fitted our gear on the way out to the island which all seem to fit fine.  We finally got some instruction from one of the dive masters that spoke English.  I was paired with a French man Alexandre who spoke English, we got along well chatting most of the way to our dive site.  The four other customers on the dive boat were diving but only Alexandre and I appeared to be certified and dove both times.  There was one woman who was doing a resort dive (a dive where you are not certified and is typically your first time) who completely abandoned her dive after getting flustered, then got sea sick on the ride home.  What a bummer.

IMG_3083The dives were very entertaining and beautiful.  The coral health was not great but there were tons of fish and turtles, some soft corals and a gnarled looking morey eel.  On our way home we spotted the water spout of a whale and also saw a pod of dolphins that followed us and played in the wake of the bow of the boat.  We got back to the dock around noon.  I was exhausted but had an amazing time.

Dolphin video

I met up with Maddy and we headed out to Praia do Forno after the kids finished school and lunch.  The beach was smaller but very pretty and had interesting rocks for the kids and I to walk around on, Maddy rented a stand up paddle board and we all went exploring on it.  The bay near the beach was full of turtles and we saw 10-15 of them in an hours time on the paddle board.  The kids were so excited when they saw the turtles and nearly fell of the paddle board and sometimes did.  I was exhausted from paddle boarding and diving; certainly a very active day.

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