Angra dos Reis

On Wednesday we traveled out of our gated resort and headed down to the town of Angra dos Reis, it was about 20 minutes west along the coast.  Angra is a fishing town, it was quite large so not your average quaint fishing village town, but it was full of color and life.  We had promised ice cream to the girls days before, so went on a search but with many of our attempts at dinner or food, the shop of choice was not open yet and we had to settled for pre-packaged ice cream.  We walked around the town for a bit longer and found some beautiful streets but headed home after Caroline scrapped her leg.

We relaxed at home as the weather was getting worse.  The next two days were crummy weather days so we completed school and work while still getting to chill out overlooking the beach.

On Saturday we ventured up to the Tennis club an area with a pool and organized activities.  We found out that the girls could join some activities with other kids and a teacher that spoke English.  So we didn’t see the girls for a few hours, we checked in on them of course but Maddy and I stole away for a soak in the hot tub and Maddy got a massage.  We sat by the pool for a few hours until dinner time.


We played cards that night and I taught the kids how to play War and Blackjack, lots of life lessons learned.  They are still not good at the losing bit of cards.


There was live music that night at the club so after we put the kids to bed I went out and listened to the music for a while and watched.  I felt a bit like people were watching me, I was about the only white person there but anytime I talked to people they were amazingly friendly and were very patent with my awful Portuguese or lack there of.  On Sunday it was a beautiful day so we did beach in the morning and pool in the afternoon.


The kids had activities again including a water balloon fight, and a pie in the face contest. We ate at home and cleared out the refrigerator, after dinner the kids wanted to watch the featured movie and I watched the big soccer match between Flamengo and Fluminanse, so we went back to the Tennis Club; Flamengo won 1-0.

We extended our stay at the resort due to the holiday on Monday (workers day), thinking that nothing would be open and their might be some additional strikes, so we opted for another beach day.  The beach and the barbecue grills had lots of activity and music and the Brazilians partied all day.  We completed some school and then headed up to the pool for a bit more time there.  We had dinner at the club which was not cheap and then packed up and washed all our clothes in preparation for RIO!!!


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