Bom Vinda ao Rio

Welcome to Rio de Janeiro… ahhh Rio what an amazing city, the beaches, the views, the food the people.  We arrived on Tuesday and checked in with our airbnb, two blocks off Copacabana Beach, right in the middle of a very cool neighborhood.  The diversity of people was amazing, lots of tourists but since this is low season (winter) there were mostly locals and none of the sites had long queues.  The weather turned out to be rather nice for us with the rain only coming at night and the days were sunny but very pleasant and not scorching hot.

Our first night in Rio we walked Copacabana beach and had a Caipirinha and ate fries while the kids played in sand.  The views of the city just from the beach were spectacular, lots of beach vendors would come up and see if you wanted to buy anything, we got very good at saying no.  It was nice to relax after the debacle with taking the roof carrier off the car to park in a garage but it is done and we will gladly be taking taxis and subways for a week.

The sidewalks near the beach were a mosaic of black and white stones and the cool thing was each beach had their own design.  The one above is world famous for Copacabana Beach.


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