Birthdays and the luck of the Irish

The next day all the girls lined up to pinch me for not wearing green, but I fooled them with a pair of green shorts, mah ha ha ha.  We did some good school in the morning, Caroline might even put a blog post up if she can finish her corrections.  Caroline, Mirabelle and I went out to lunch, Julie did not want to come, she was having a bit of a fit, so we all went to eat sushi, it was decent food and it was a fun to have lunch with two out of three girls.  After lunch we picked up Maddy and Julie and we heard there might be a climbing wall and a zip line at the ski resort nearby so we headed 10 min up the road.  Unfortunately is was pretty much a ghost town so we didn’t stay very long.

A silly picture at the ski resort

We all headed back to town because all needed to do some shopping for Caroline and my birthdays so we headed to Bariloche and walked around.  Caroline and I paired up and got mostly chocolates.  The shops mostly closed at 4:30 so we stopped and the most Irish looking restaurant and got some fries and green beer, Maddy and the other girls met up with us and we headed home.

A sampler of beers include a green one

The next day March 18th, was Caroline’s 9th and my 41st birthdays.  I still believe that she is the best present I have ever and will ever receive.  Maddy and I promised Caroline that we had a special surprise for the morning so we took the girls to a giant Toboggan slide and teleferico ride.  Everybody loved it, although there wasn’t unlimited rides so we each took two, we then had to get home because we had scheduled for Caroline to get video calls from some of her friends back home.  We had lunch at home and then headed out for a boat ride at 2pm.


When we arrived at the harbor there was a huge line of people waiting for the big tour boat; we had chartered a small one for about the same prices; all the people in line were staring at us with these looks like where are they going and why didn’t we do that.  The boat ride was incredible, the weather was gorgeous and we really enjoyed puttering around the lakes for a while.  Our boat captain was an Argentine and showed us to a waterfall and several other inlets, there was basically nobody on the lake and the water was so crystal clear and blue and the scenery was amazing.  It was the perfect birthday gift.


When the boat ride was over we headed back to our house and had dinner and birthday cake.  One of our buddies Pejman that we met on the Carretera Austral was in town so I headed out to see him and grab a drink.  I also found out that Wisconsin had a huge upset over Villanova, the #1 team in the country.  Not a bad birthday at all.



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