San Martin de los Andes

The next day we drove an hour or so north to a small town situated on Lago Lacar; I think we were experiencing a bit of scenery fatigue because even though the town was pretty but it didn’t seem amazing.

We were in the town for 4 nights Sunday through Thursday and we accomplished lots of school and work and we got back on the wagon with exercising, both Maddy and I did some running.  Julie also had several major melt downs; I had also reached my rope with her one of the days so I took the day off teaching and Maddy took over.  We also had an issue with our apartment booking trying to charge us the VAT tax which is exempt for travelers from the US, I ended up contacting the local tourism agency and was able to clear up the issue but not without quite a bit of aggravation.  We ate in our apartment most days during the week and had a mellow few days, spending our afternoons on the beach near our house.  The town seemed like it was a jump off point in the area for lots of rafting and fishing.  The last day we did venture out to Lago Lolog to get some sun and beach time, we found some great trees for climbing and the girls had lots of fun hanging upside down.




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