Chilean National Parks

During our travels we heard about Doug Tompkins and his wife Kristine Tompkins and the work they had done in preserving large swaths of Chilean Patagonia.  We also heard about the tragic death of Doug Tompkins on Lago General Gerrera in a kayak last year.  I thought about it when we were visiting the Marble Caves which, and we were struggling in rough water to get back to the port.  We had heard that they had planned to donate the land to the Country of Chile but Were delaying for political reasons.  So I was heartened when my mother sent us an article that on Wednesday March 15th, 2017 Kristine Tompkins donated 1 million acres of land under the condition that the country of Chile will reclassify 11 million acres of land for conservation.  What an amazing gift and how amazing that this woman was able to leverage the gift into 10 times the original gift.  Below is the link to the article from the BBC.  I would echo the sentiment that this is a great achievement to save these amazing lands for future generations.  I am saddened by the sentiment by certain groups of Americans who want to abuse our National Parks and conservation areas.  I have been to most of our major National Parks and they are the best of America and certainly worth fighting for.

Chilean Parks


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