Torres del Paine

We set out for Torres del Paine in the morning and crossed the border from Argentina to Chile around lunch time without much incident except for having to wait in line.  The day was pretty gloomy and we weren’t able to see much of the mountains, we headed to the park and purchased our passes before heading to our cabana for the night.  We crossed the park to get to our cabana for the night and at one point we did just see part of the mountain peek out and we all went a bit crazy because it was so immense and beautiful. Even though we didn’t see much of the mountains there were lots of interesting rocks as we wound our way through the park as well a plenty of wildlife including the guanaco lama, an ostrich type bird called a Rhea, Armadillos and lots of different birds.  We did stop and take a hike to  a set of water falls in the park before we settled into our place on the south side of the park near Rio Serrano.  We got another small peak at the mountains before sunset.

The next morning we got up peaked out the window and got a pretty decent view of the mountains although still had some clouds.


A great start to the morning, with breakfast in our belly’s we set out on a hike to Mirador Glacier Gris.  The hike was nice with only minimal whining, we got to the view point just in time for the clouds to dissipate some.  The hike back was very muddy and we were beginning to understand why so many of the trails in the park were being closed down to hiking, it was wet and muddy.  The kids were slipping all over the place, with a bit of mud and water on our clothes we got to the our lunch spot at the hotel glacier gray and had a nice and expensive lunch.  Since there are not too many spots to buy food, and we had to eat most of our groceries before crossing the border we were stuck with eating out while in the park.  We did have enough energy to hit up another water fall before heading back to our cabana for dinner and an early to bed.


A bit more of the mountains were visible before we headed off to la la land.  One last morning in the park before we head north for the rest of our trip and out of Patagonia.



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