Clear skies in Torres del Paine

The next morning we woke up and looked out the window like excited kids on Christmas morning as we knew it was supposed to be clear.  You couldn’t see a thing… everything was obscured by a thick fog bank.  It took a few minutes but we were able to see the top of the mountains and realized that it was a perfectly clear day other than fog.   We finished our breakfast and paid for the two nights stay with a credit card, we were happy they accepted cards because there was no place to get cash anywhere near the park.  We left the area near Rio Serrano and once our car climbed up onto the bluff and out of the river valley got our first views of the clear mountain range that we had been struggling to get views of. 

IMG_1920It was spectacular, the spires of Torres del Paine were out as well as volcano Reclus to the west and lots of other mountains in the distance.  We decided to drive through the park on our way out and took pictures at what seemed like every bend and curve in the road. 

We got some especially nice ones with the reflection over Lago Toro. 



We exited Chile for the last time without much trouble and headed north….


4 thoughts on “Clear skies in Torres del Paine

  1. The photos are amazing and stunning! And to see it in person was probably overwhelming. Glad your time in SA is going so well. I love reading about your journey and seeing the photos.


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