Puerto Rio Tranquilo

After fixing the tire in Coyhaique we continued along the Carretera Astral south to Puerto Rio Tranquilo, the weather has changed for the worse and rain pelted us for most of the day and in at least on pass there were massive gusts of wind.  We also saw one of the best rainbows of the trip, the kids took pictures of it with their ipads.


We have been completing school in the car this week as we have been moving to a different town everyday, the girls have been doing math apps and reading books, we will need to make up some journal time, but there should be no shortage of topics.  The last third of the road to Rio Tranquilo was unpaved through the mountains but we arrived with no troubles just lots of potholes.  The valleys and mountains were still spectacular in the rain.

Once we arrived in Puerto Rio Tranquilo we learned none of the boats were operating that day to go to the Marble Caves due to the rain and wind.  We had lunch and settled into our latest Cabana, Maddy went out to get food at the Supermarcado and she ran into an American couple Dan and Julia who were from Wisconsin!  We invited them over to our cabana for a visit, they ended up pitching their tent in the backyard of our cabana,  Maddy went out again for butter and wine and ran into Rachel one of our hitchhikers from earlier in Patagonia!  So we had her over a glass of wine and had a proper party, it is Mardi gras and all.  On that subject it is funny that we saw no organized celebrations for Mardi Gras in this predominantly Catholic country, guess we needed to be over in Rio.  We had a great night and chatted into the evening after putting the kids to bed.



2 thoughts on “Puerto Rio Tranquilo

  1. The scenery is gorgeous even in overcast weather. So great to meet people and have a social evening with new friends.


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