Between Puyuhuapi and Coyhaique we drove through some amazing country we have ever seen.  It seems very sparsely populated and altogether very difficult to get to, maybe that is why it hasn’t been thoroughly exploited.

The roads were pretty good on this stretch of road, lots of pavement.  Coyhaique is a relatively large town of 50,000 people, it is in the intersection of several valleys and there are three river confluences within the area.  We explored the downtown area and had dinner near the town square, every town has one in Chile, they are open spaces with benches, trees and radiating paths out from the center.


Our plan was to get out of Coyhaique early the next day and get traveling done with early but a puncture in one of our tires caused a delay, our second of the trip.  I changed the flat and got the tire repaired in just over an hour.   I was also amazed to get the repair on the tire completed for the equivalent of $5, not too shabby.  Altogether a pretty easy repair.  Onward to Puerto Rio Tranquilo.



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