Lago Titicaca here we come

We all arose at 6:00am the next day to board a bus for Copacobana on the shores of Lake Titicaca on the Bolivian side of the border.  It took us several hours just to get out of La Paz, there is a highway being built into the city from Copacabana but several of the river crossing were not completed.  I wish I had a video but if you can imagine and large bus fording a river with significant banks, I swore were going to get stuck and need to get out and push.  Once outside the city the road was paved and there was smooth sailing.  The route to avoid venturing into Peru required us to cross part of the lake… all the passengers deboarded and the bus was put on a barge and traveled separately from us and our travelers who bought tickets and boarded a wooden bottom boat with an out board motor.

After some amazing scenery of the lake and interesting rocks along the hillsides we arrived in the Copacabana.  We checked into our bungalow at Las Olas, a very interesting rooming establishment where all the building look like they are out of the hobbit.  We put our bags down and ventured down to the shore, where lots of tourist boats and paddle boats.  Although to my surprise the Bolivians still out numbered the gringos by a good margin.  We played on the beach for a couple of hours and got some amazing food at La Orilla and headed home.

The view of Lake Titicaca from our hotel
Crossing lake Titicaca 
View of Copacabana 
Our new Neighbor 

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