Last day in La Paz

Strong last day in La Paz!!  The girls did great school work, lots of reading and we figured out where we need to work on math.  After a morning of work, including for Maddy, we all went out for lunch… we tried to find a vegetarian place for Maddy, but had the wrong address and were cruising around what had to be the most chaotic streets outside of Dehli.  We finally figured out that we were in the wrong place and went back to the old city and finally located our lunch destination.  Thank goodness it was amazing; the carrot noodles and veggie soup was incredible.  After lunch we had to acquire insurance for our new van so we visited what seemed like the business district.   After procuring our insurance I finagled some alone time, Maddy had work and nobody else wanted to wander the streets with me, so I got some freedom.  I wandered up to Plaza Murillo which was the parliament square and took a tour of the national art museum; trip advisor needs to update it top destinations, it was incredible art, I basically had the gallery to myself, sorry no pictures were allowed.

I wandered my way down out of the business district back passed Iglesia de San Francisco and wandered around the markets which were more alive now that the new years holiday was over.  I wandered into the Museo de la Coca not expecting much but it was full of neat stairways and eccentric wood carvings.  Running out of time I didn’t go into the museum but had a pint at the Restaurant Pub 1700 at the top of the museum before heading back to fetch Maddy and the kids for dinner.

I took them back to the restaurant after some errands and had a delightful dinner, the kids actually ate some food for once.  We headed back home and packed to leave La Paz for Copacabana on Lago Titicaca.


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