Valley of the Moon

Our third day in La Paz was a warm one, we completed our school work in the morning and then went out exploring.  We slathered on the sunscreen because the sun is very intense at the high elevations of La Paz even though the temperature is only 60 degrees.  We took a taxi to the Valley of the Moon and had the taxi wait for us to complete our hike as there are not many taxi’s in the vicinity.  The valley of the moon was a complex of lacustrine (lake) sediments that were eroded like the hoodoos in Bryce Canyon.  The majority of La Paz seems to be built on this type of sediment.

Once we completed the our hike, which was about 15 min, the taxi took us to the Mega Mall, our first in South America, and hopefully our last.  We strategically ate lunch near the beginning of the teleferico system, we boarded the Verde (green) which took us to the Amarillo (yellow) then took a taxi to the top of the rojo (red) which leads to our hotel.  All in all we soared over the better part of the city.  It was very easy to navigate and cost us 50 cents per ride!!


We all had a great time, although the silence game was getting old for Julie by the end.  Great way to see La Paz.





One thought on “Valley of the Moon

  1. What an amazing experience. What a blessing. You are all going to have an adventure of a lifetime. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. 🙏


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