Rainy hike

It was a slow day around here. Mike was feeling under the weather, so I had to take over home school duties. Was feeling pretty distracted because I also had a lot of work to catch up on… but I found once I really focused on one girl at a time we made lots of progress. 

Once we got through that I was eager to take a hike up the mountain behind our hotel. I could only talk Julie into coming with me, but that was actually great because we got some quality time together and she was such a great little hiker! She was eager to scamper and climb up the rocks. And she didn’t whine once 🙂

We got to the top to enjoy an incredible view of lake Titicaca and the surrounding hills. But it also started raining on us at that point. So we didn’t linger and were quick to get back down. 

I spent the rest of the afternoon working and taking care of some trip planning (booking a week at the Marriott in Santiago on points- thank you credit cards!!). I haven’t found it too hard to work on the road but we are lucky to have sufficiently good internet thus far and strong cell signal. Though we are struggling to get a strong enough signal to upload pics to this blog!

Dinner was at a little Italian place next to our hotel. Pasta was drying on a rod right next to our table- the chef came and scooped some up to cook for us… talk about fresh!!


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