The Puppies!

By Julian

While we were staying in Todos Santos, our friends invited us with them to volunteer at a dog rescue.

The RV stopped, I realized we were here. We got out of the RV and walked about two blocks. Then I saw them PUPPIES!!!!!! They were so cute. All of the kids started putting their hands through the fence through the fence and patting them. Then we listened to all of the rules. After we listened to the rules we went into the double gate because if the puppies were to go out they probably wouldn’t be able to catch them!

Then they opened the door! But we saw the big dogs first because the door to the puppies was inside where the Adult dogs are. We pet adult dogs for a little while then Caroline ( my sister ) volunteered to pick up The dog poop and then we went into puppy area!

I was so excited. Caroline asked Brynn ( our guide/friend ) Is the puppies have names she told us she had forgotten them so we could call them what ever want! I picked up the one that had licked me on the arm it was a beautiful white dog so I would call her cupcake! Cupcake was so cute! Then Brynn told us that we were going to hold up signs for donors with puppies and take a picture. The first few were my friend Ezra and Caroline then it was me And Ezra Then it was Soren ( my friend) And Mimi (my sister ). so we took a lot of photos they were super cool. We were donors too so I made a sign for us!

So a lot later we were almost finally done with the photos there was only A few left. Then we realized all of the puppies were asleep in their bed so cute! So we took the last pictures with the puppies in their bed asleep

When it was time to play with the big dogs for a little while So I mostly played with this one dog Lucy, Lucy was the owner of the dog shelter dog she was really cute! When I played with the other dogs for a little while one was a golden retriever but I don’t know the other one it was a beautiful black dog but I New it was not a chocolate lab because it had a really long Snout. Then we went out of the dog Shelter and we walked back to the RV because our friends place was on the way me and Ezra had a chat about books (Harry Potter).


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