Bahia Concepcion

After the crash we stayed one night a Playa Santispac and although it was quite a nice beach we were all a bit frazzled by the accident. We did enjoy some time on the beach and relaxed a bit, the kids went out on the paddle board and I chased them with the drone.  The beach campsite was considered dry which means it doesn’t have any electricity or water only a toilet and was only 200 pesos ($5) per night. The views were pretty stunning.

The next day we packed up pretty early to go and call our insurance and get the accident reported since we didn’t have cell service at the accident site.  We sat around the town of Mulege until the adjuster was able to come look at the RV.  Once that was completed we were free to continue on our adventure.  We traveled south along the Bahia Concepcion and decided on Coyote beach and chose one of the last palapas on the beach.  Again it was a dry camp site but the new solar system seems to be keeping us in power although the battery for the RV seems to be running low on power quickly.  It’s always something.

We decided to stay at Coyote for two days our first location with more than one day!  The kids went snorkeling and we hiked around the area and were rewarded with some spectacular views of the Bay.  There were lots of Mexicans that would come throughout the day and try and sell things to us on the beach.  I did purchase some really amazing fresh halibut and made my first ceviche.  It turned out amazing and I didn’t get sick.

On our last night we got invited by a Mexican family to their fire for some smores.  It was a lovely cultural exchange, they couldn’t speak much English and our Spanish is so so but we seemed to muddle through and had a fun time.


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