By Julian

Alebrijes is a type of craftsmanship native to Mexico also called Nahuatkzosquit. These are handicrafts made with paper mache and wood that are painted with mostly cheerful and vibrant colors. The alebrijes represent beings that are several animals that have come back as spirits. Not only are they fantastic but also have a parade for dedicated to them in Mexico City. They were officially created by a Mexican artist Pedro López Linares (1906-1992) then people started to love them!! When we were just playing on the beach in Bahia Concepcion we saw a guy selling Alebrijes so I got one. Alebrijes are also in the movie Coco. this video is cool!!!!! (link below)

Building Beautiful Monsters in Mexico – Bing video

Cool photos 

alebrijes – Bing images


2 thoughts on “Alebrijes

  1. The video was fantastic and loved the photos too. I never ever heard of this before. Thank you for new information about the Mexican culture.


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