The Grand Canyon

by Caroline Niebauer

The grand canyon is a magical place with great views and amazing hikes. About 5.9 million people visit it annually, almost as many visitors as universal studios in Los Angeles, CA. We went on a hike on the South Kaibab trail, and we went as far as ooh ahh point. It lived up to its name. It was a two-mile hike into the canyon but it felt longer because of the steep trail.

While at the Grand Canyon we stayed in the RV and wore masks as well as staying away from people. Also while we were there it was very cold and in the mornings going down to 10 degrees F but it got into the upper 30s through out the day. On the first night we were there we caught a glimpse of the Colorado river through the cracks in the canyon at sunset.

On our last morning at the canyon, my dad went out at 7am and saw the sunrise over the canyon.

The Grand Canyon is beautiful and fun and I would totally recommend it to anyone. Especially in winter because of the much smaller crowds which is helpful during Covid19.


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