Snow, Snow and more Snow!

We anticipated leaving on Friday morning but just had a bit too much to do to get out the door. Oops

It snowed at least 5 inches Friday night, we had the RV completely packed with our stuff but our street was too snowy and icy to go anywhere before the plow came through. Finally around 11:00am we got on the road heading south through Illinois to avoid more snow.

After a slow start we navigated the snows and traversed the length of Illinois crossed over the Mississippi River into Missouri (got some nice pictures of the Arch) and ended up staying just West of St Louis. We went to bed right away as we knew the next morning was going to be early.

Maddy woke up before the sun came up and got us on the road at 6:00pm. By the time I had breakfast and started driving we had happened upon another winter storm just as we entered Oklahoma. Another 3-4 inches of snow centered around Tulsa. An accident stopped all traffic on I-40 forcing us to detour.

After a long day of driving we ended up at a McClelland Creek National Grassland east of Amarillo. Beautiful stars and a full hookup for $12 what a bargain.


3 thoughts on “Snow, Snow and more Snow!

  1. Wow! Sounds like another awesome adventure full of excitement and cherished memories. Merry Christmas to all. Thank you for the updates.


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