Guatemala City

We were sad to say goodbye to Lago Atitlan, although I have a feeling we will be back, which is somewhat unusual for us because we like to explore new places.  So Atitlan is for sure a special place.  We took a boat from our home in Santa Cruz to Panajachal and got picked up by our hired van to Guatemala city.  The road climbing out of the caldera was very windy and steep.  Once we got to the top of the basin the topography flattened out and we decided to stop for a snack.  Mirabelle after complaining about car sickness got out of the van and threw up.  She just made it out of the van and puked in the gutter…  close call.  She was feeling better almost right away, with the straighter roads.  We stayed over night in Guatemala City, lots of high rises and tons of traffic.  The next morning we flew from Guatemala City to Belize City, these countries are not very creative with their city names.  After take off we flew very close to several of the active volcanoes and I got a great shot of Pacaya and Fuego in the same shot both smoking.



Once we landed in Belize City we hopped a ferry to Caye Caulker and settled into island life.



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