After Tikal we headed to Flores. It was a pretty easy and scenic drive there, through the countryside and past lovely lakes.

Flores is a little colonial town on an island in lake Peten and is connected to the mainland by a bridge. You can also take little water taxis everywhere around the lake.

We had a bit of anxiety about our lodging. We had booked an Airbnb which was part of/next to a hotel, but the owner informed us that due to an issue with previous guests the apartment was not available. I thought it might be one of those scams going around but they went out of their way to accommodate us in the hotel. We got three lakefront rooms, each with a balcony. The hotel had a pool and restaurant where we got a nice big free breakfast each morning. So it all ended up just fine!

There was lots of loud music happening and street closures when we got there. Our lunch waiter told us there was a celebration in the town for 2 weeks that we arrived in the middle of. Something about the anniversary of becoming a county or something? In any case it meant we got to see some little parades, hear lots of loud music, and enjoy the very loud sound of firecrackers basically all night long both nights we were there. It was mildly annoying but we got used to it.

We were pretty chill while we were there. Did some school and work, strolled around the town, ate in cute restaurants and street food stalls. Jules and I went out on a paddle boarding ride around another little island near us, which was a ton of fun and very good bonding time.

Hotel pool with restaurant and view of the lake in the background

View from our balcony with the little island Jules and I paddled around

View across the lake.

Gorgeous sunsets

Selfie time

Darling Caroline looking all tropical

Tuktuks heading up the little streets. We never needed to take one because nothing is more than a 5-10 min walk

One of the parades. This one had a band and some dancing clowns


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