Mom’s day out in Ho Chi Minh City

Hello all! Mike has done a great job keeping you all up to date, but I figured I would weigh in occasionally as well.

We had a bit of a hectic morning on Friday. I had some work calls and other work to do for vChief starting early. Mike got the kids going with school but they were all clamoring for my attention, which I just couldn’t fully give them. And it was one of those mornings where school was a battle and it seemed like one breakdown after another from the girls. It took a while, but we made it through all of our work and headed out for lunch. Alas, we waited a bit too long to eat so there was a lot of hangry attitudes on all parts.

By the end of lunch I was about at my wit’s end, so afterwards I took a couple of hours of “me” time. Mike and I have realized doing this occasionally help us both maintain our sanity in light of spending 24/7 with the family.

I was excited to walk around the city and see the sights a bit. The kids don’t really love extended walking tours, so it is a real joy to be able to just do it alone! Saigon has a lot of lovely colonial architecture. I saw a beautiful church and the huge post office.


Post office

maps Hi Chi Minh City and the Mekong delta on the walls of the post office

After an hour of strolling around, I stumbled across a massage place (they are ubiquitous here as in most of Southeast Asia, to my great joy.) I got a lovely hot stone massage and then tried to make my way back to the hotel. It was damn near impossible to find a cab, so I ended up, after a long wait, hopping on the back of a motorcycle taxi. It was a bit of a wild ride- zipping between cars, occasionally onto the sidewalk or into oncoming traffic. Just par for the course around here, but I spent the whole ride alternating between squeezing my eyes shut and praying to the Almighty Lord. Luckily I made it back with all limbs intact and feeling rested and relaxed and ready to jump back in with the kiddos.

Fancy massage place. Paid a whole $20!moto selfie!


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