Ho Chi Minh City

We have all decided that Ho Chi Minh City is a bit too crazy for us.  When there are motor scooters on the sidewalks and you have to dodge traffic just to go have lunch it is time to move on.  We only spent 3 night in the city but it was enough for us.  We did see quite a bit of the Pham Ngu Lao part of the city, we visited a market, and wandered around looking at the Tet preparations.  We tended to eat meals at the Bul Vien walking street filled with lots of shops and food places.  We had snacks and beverages at the top of one of the tall buildings with a great overlook of the city.  Lots of buildings with flashing lights and tons of bright lanterns.

Our last day in town we packed up and visited a park, there were displays of bonsai trees, a sensory table with pink kinetic sand and a full on carnival.  That afternoon we headed to the airport and as soon as we got there we realized that the hostel was still holding our passports yikes!!  I called the nice women Mai House Hostel and they felt bad about not returning them and rushed them to us a the airport, disaster averted and we were off to Hoi An.



2 thoughts on “Ho Chi Minh City

  1. I, too, found crossing traffic in Ho Chi MInh City to be somewhat terrifying. The best advice seemed to be, “Keep a steady pace, don’t run and DON’T stop! Easy to say, hard to do when motor scooters seem to be coming from every direction. Love the expressions on the girls’s faces at the seafood stand.


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