Goodbye Cambodia


The days after our snorkeling trip we were a bit more on the lazy side. We completed school and caught up on our work and reading. The kids found lots of hermit crabs on the beach and made a bit of a terrarium out of a stump. There was a badminton net, building sand castles and lots of hammock time.  Maddy and I also got a few mini dates when the kids were otherwise occupied and snuck away to the restaurant for an adult beverage.  This usually didn’t last long as the kids were either hungry, fighting or in need of attention.  We’ll take what we can get.

On Sunday Caroline and I took out one of the resort canoes out in the bay around sunset and were treated to a beautiful little voyage getting the best light of the day with very few waves.  I wish I had brought my camera; it is great to have one on one time with the kids.

The beach on Koh Rong faced north toward the mainland so there was typically a constant accumulation of trash washing up on the beaches.  The resort was constantly picking up the trash but especially after high tide the beaches were littered.  I took a run one morning down the beach and saw what accumulation of trash would be like without a daily pick up.  It is sad to see such a beautiful place cluttered with garbage this way.

In the last few days about the time the kids were getting bored with the beach, there was a family with two boys that showed up at the resort also on a long term trip.  We like having interaction with the local children but it is a whole other experience to meet American children who have similar experiences.  The adults also had a fun time comparing experiences and travel tips.

The next morning we packed our bags up, ate our last breakfast at the resort and I paid the bill.  The total was something around $600 for 5 nights with food, adventures and beverages; I call that a steal.  We crossed our fingers about the boat ride back but when we got up that morning the ocean was calm and the boat ride was easy.

We got back to the same lodge we stayed at on Otres Beach and finished school before attacking a huge bounce house like structure tethered to the ocean floor.  The kids had tons of fun jumping around on the obstacle course/jungle gym.  We grabbed some dinner and ran into some folks from the UK we had met previously at the Otres Lodge and joined them for dinner and sunset.  Once we got back to the lodge we crashed pretty hard after a long day of travel and play.  Vietnam is on the agenda for tomorrow!



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