And we’re off

No problems on our first day of travel, except for maybe the cold weather in Madison, not going to miss that. Hanna drove us to Chicago for our flight to Shanghai. Thanks Hanna! We are happy to be off and actually traveling, the lead up with packing the house, Christmas and saying goodbyes to everyone is very stressful on everybody. Not to mention the cold that we all shared with each other.

We only had one bag to check, my larger backpack, yep you heard that right we only have one pack for each of us for six months. So far so good. We boarded the plane around 2pm for the 14 1/2 hour flight. Actually the kids did quite well, a healthy dose of iPad and movies helps. I was actually quite pleased with Eastern China Airlines, they re-seated us together and everything. We were a bit worried because the tickets were so cheap, that we would be sitting in the cargo hold with chickens and goats or something.

Arriving in China was fine, customs was no problem, we easily got our temporary visas for the night as we head to Bangkok tomorrow. We grabbed a taxi to the hotel and got an upgrade to a really fancy suite, pretty nice for our first stop on the trip. Everyone crashed out pretty quick we didn’t even make it to midnight. Thailand Beacons after our 18 hour layover.


4 thoughts on “And we’re off

  1. I’m excited to follow along on your travels. You are such adventurers. And I really want to know how you packed so lightly. I seriously need to know that!

    Stay safe and healthy. Don’t forget to contact my guides whenever you may need or want.
    Love, Kathy


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