More good air

Tuesday we got tickets on the double-decker bus tour of the city which stretched from La Boca to Belgrano, it was a great tour and the kids loved the new ear phones and the funky music that they got to listen to between the historical announcements.  We also figured out the different areas that we wanted to visit in more detail, including the Recoleta and Puerto Madero.

I had a chance to go see a soccer match but things fell through so we just had dinner at home.  We did schedule a babysitter for a night out on Wednesday our last night in town, thanks to Maddy’s friend Haejin who provided a trustworthy babysitter.  On Wednesday Maddy completed some school with the kids while I went and got some car insurance, we were unable to get the Uruguay leg of our trip previously for some reason.  It took forever to find someone to work with me to get just a Uruguayan insurance policy, but in the end I accomplished our goal.  Maddy met up with me just after lunch and we got some pizza, which we were told was very good.  It was good but after having deep dish in Chicago and eating the NYC pizza for two years I wouldn’t give it the nod against those two but it was very good none the less.

After lunch, we went and toured around the Cemetery de Recoleta, a cemetery loaded with small elaborate crypts built for the famous or rich in Buenos Aires.  It is home to presidents and other famous people including Eva Peron.  It was free and was a surprisingly large area with lots of avenues and roads with statues and gargoyles everywhere.

I had to go back to our insurance company SURA to finalize the insurance and Maddy had a call for work so we met back home and relaxed before date night.  We went out near the Puerto Madero neighborhood near the canals, where there were plenty of restaurants.  We had a drink overlooking a famous ship parked in the canal and walked over several of the bridges before settling on a Mexican restaurant for dinner.  We went looking for a Tango show after dinner but we were not successful as they all started earlier, just another reason to come back without the kids.  We walked around the congress area and enjoyed the ambiance of the night in Buenos Aires on our last day in Argentine.  Uruguay beckons.



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