El Bolson

We arrived in El Bolson around dinner time, our dinner time 5pm not the South American dinner time 7-11pm.  We checked in a day late but the place we booked was amazing overlooking the town with a pool, kitchen, grill and even a small stream nearby.  We were just happy to chill out somewhere and not go anywhere for two days.  We cooked at the house during our time, I cooked steaks on the grill and the girls seem to be liking the meat.  The next day we completed our schooling and Maddy caught up on work then we went out for a hike to Cascada Escondida, the kids seemed to be rebelling against hiking so we only did a small hike and then found a play ground and let them run wild for a bit. There were plenty of fruit trees around plumbs and rasberries so we collected a bunch to bring home.

We grabbed lunch and went down to the confluence of the two rivers that went through town, Rio Azul and Rio Quemquemtreu.  There was a metal bridge that we crossed and played around on the beach at the other side of the river, the rivers was a brilliant blue, hence Rio Azul.  The Argentinians seem to name their geography after the colors of said geography.  After walking through town we headed back to our cabana and the pool, it was warm enough and the pool was warmed from a solar heater so we all played in the water for a couple hours before starting dinner.  The kids were happy and exhausted and went to The next day we packed up and headed out to Bariloche.  Of course when we went to pack the car up we noticed that the tire was flat on the car, number 3 for the trip, with all the dirt roads I am surprised we haven’t had more.  We threw the spare on and got it fixed, with only minimal delay in town.


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