Casino Night

On Saturday night the twins had a legendary dance off, lots of energy expended, without going out into the rain.  After Maddy and I put the kids to bed, I went out on the town to check out the nightlife, somebody needs to right.  I had a pint of beer at the local Irish pub and watched the end of one of the local soccer matches and even the bartender said the match was a nothing game, it didn’t seem like it by the crowd and the cheering.  Afterwards I walked down to the local casino in Puerto Varas, it was interesting to see the scene, pretty packed on a Saturday night.  I played for about an hour on blackjack and craps and came out about $15 ahead, check me out.  I met some nice people at the tables mostly Chileans on their last few days of break before heading back to school or work.  I cashed in my winnings and went to a local pub for one more beer, there were no typical bar stools so I grabbed a booth, drank my beer as I seemed a bit out of place and zipped out of there.  On my way walking home I witnessed a hit and run or more like I heard it, a taxi was speeding away but I didn’t get the license plate.  An interesting night out no less.

The next day it rained and rained and rained, Caroline came down with a cold and she didn’t want to do much of anything.  It seemed like a good down day since we were heading out the next day.  We finally got Maddy’s Indian food as take out which was good but not great.  I uploaded lots of pictures and videos to the blog because we had great internet, we reserved a few places to stay reserved about a month in advance.


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