Puerto Varas

We left Pucon on Thursday after an amazing 11 days with incredible sunny and warm weather, I mention this because on Thursday it started raining and it seems like it hasn’t stopped.  We drove 4 hours south to the northern part of Patagonia where the weather has highs around 60 degrees Fahrenheit with lots of wind.  The town of Puerto Varas is located on a lake with a large volcano on the other side, giving us amazing view… unless it is cloudy.  The town is located at the beginning of a pass through the Andes that was important even during prehistoric time.


On Thursday we checked into our airbnb house that was located close to town, we then wandered around town and got some food which seemed like a late lunch, because everybody had a case of the “hangries”.  We went down to the shore and all the girls got their shoes wet in the lake.  On Friday the girls all decided to use their goody girl get out of school free cards (three good days of school in a row).  It was raining cats and dogs so we played some iPad in the morning then I took the girls out to lunch, hamburgers and papas fritas all around, Caroline was not feeling great so I dropped her off with Maddy and the twins and I went bowling.  We had a great time, the bowling alley was only about 1/2 the standard length in the US.  It felt like I was going to break the alley, and the twins got a few spares.


We went out for dinner and tried to go to a vegan Indian restaurant that Maddy really wanted to go to but it was not open at the appointed time, so we went to sushi, natural substitute right.  The girls were well behaved so we ate some ice cream at a local shop, the downtown was preparing for a concert but we went home because the weather was rainy and winding.

We slept in on Saturday but the day ended up not being too bad weather wise, we travelled an hour east to Petrohue which was located further up in the mountains between two volcanoes.  The views were spectacular with water falls, volcano views and a big river.  It was still a bit cloudy otherwise we heard the water was a stunning shade of blue from the glacial run off.  We had trouble getting the girls to eat and crankiness had followed us everywhere, we made the best out of it and had fun anyway.



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