Sailing Away

We decided to take advantage of the beautiful lake and a gorgeous Saturday so we went down to the local harbor and rented a two hour boat ride, we decided that we would get the afternoon ride so the kids could swim in the water instead of the sunset cruise. We able to get an 8-10 person boat and we were the only people who wanted to go at that time, there wasn’t much room left anyway after the kids took over the cutty cabin.  We cruised out of the harbor being followed by a huge double decker duck boat, the kids loved it.

The captain let us help with the rigging and other boating activities, it made be long for my boat at home.  We sailed across the town peninsula around the rich resorts and moored the boat so we could visit a private beach, we swam into the beach and played in the sand for a while before heading back to the harbor.  Overall we had a great time, we might have had a major argument about chips and who decides who gets to eat them, par for the course as they say.


We had dinner at home and I ran back down to town after the kids were in bed to retrieve my water bottle which we left at a restaurant at lunch and there were so many people out in town and so many little kids up at 11pm.  We are definitely the early birds around here.


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