More Pucon Fun

On Thursday maddy had a full day of work and the girls had a bit of trouble finishing school so we went down to the Plaza de Armas and had lunch and whoever was done with their work got to play on the playground.  The girls were a bit more motivated then and got their work done.   After finishing school and playing on the playground we went to the black sand beach in Pucon.  Maddy thought she might meet us but was too busy, we ended up picking her up after the girls wore down at the beach.


This week we instituted a new policy for schooling, whoever has 3 straight days of concentrating on school and getting their work done without whining and complaining gets one free day off school.  This helped a bit, Mirabelle was the only one who completed three straight days, she was going to save her get out of school free card but she was having trouble concentrating on Friday and decided to use it and got the rest of the day off.

After school on Friday we went north of the city to A waterfall the Los Ojos del Caburgua which was a lovely falls, we ate lunch there and traveled to lake Caburgua and enjoyed some more beach time.


With as incredible weather as we have been having why not take advantage of the beach time.  We left at around 5:30 and it was a mad house getting out of the area, we learned that this was the last weekend before the schools head back into session after summer break.  We also ran into a massive traffic jam outside of pucon, since there is basically only one way of the area, poor planning since the road can be cut of if the volcano blows….


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