Our first day in Santiago, I took care of getting a small repair completed on the van, the tire bolt that I sheared off.  I tried the firestone shop first and then discovered the street where repairs happen.  I got flagged down by two fellows who said they could get the bolt fixed.  I parked on the street and they went to work.  They wouldn’t give me a price until they got a look at the bolt but after telling them I didn’t want an overpriced brake job They got the job done.  Of course once the job was done the parking guy charged me for parking what a racket.

Maddy took the kids to a park and playground in the morning and saw a peacock.  I got back in time for Maddy to take a call at noon.  The girls finished up Their schooling and we went walking around the Bellevista neighborhood, one of the older areas in Santiago.   One of Pablo Nurida’s houses is in the Neighborhood, the kids rebelled so we didn’t go in.  We had dinner then ice cream and got back to the hotel to relax.



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