Check out the View

After arriving in Coquimbo and after having both trouble finding out where to find our airbnb for the night and getting our host to meet us we finally arrived and relaxed. What a gorgeous view!!  Unfortunately we didn’t have Wifi so we haven’t posted pictures until now; we loved the area and were able to cook in our place so breakfast was a bit less aggravating.  We had access to a pool and plenty of beach time, so the kids were very happy.  I had a run on Saturday morning and discovered lots of rocks and shells at one end of the beach so that was the main activity for Saturday.  Otherwise we stayed near Coquimbo and and beach, there were lots of activities for the kids and tons of people.  The kids always want to eat helado (ice cream) which is readily available on the beach with vendors shouting in loud megaphones.  The girls seem to be eating a bit more but it is still a struggle when we are eating something unusual.  We had a last meal at a wonderful place over looking the Coquimbo Cove and got to hear the sound check to what we assume was wonderful music in the realm of “The Girl from Ipanema” but alas we have children that are screaming and must go to bed.  Ciao until later.


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