We ate breakfast and zipped out of Potosi, the drive to Sucre was only 3 hours so we were able to do some activities in the afternoon in Sucre.  We got a hotel for the first time in two nights and everybody enjoyed the fancier place to stay.  Maddy had to do some work so the girls and I went to a dinosaur museum.  The Cal Orck’o museum is home to the largest number of in-situ dinosaur foot prints in the world.  We were able to get an English speaking tour guide by ourselves and had a great time looking at all the life size dinosaurs models and learning about the fossils and amazing diversity of dinosaurs that were living in this Cretaceous environment.


After we completed the museum the girls and I walked around the downtown of Sucre, we happened upon the Mercado and got the girls some ice cream for being so good at the museum, we wondered around the market taking pictures and resisting any attempts at buying any items.  We were going to get a soccer ball but Julie couldn’t decide on the color.  The downtown area was a Unesco World Heritage site and it was quite interesting again with narrow streets and beautiful squares and churches.  We went back and retrieved Maddy and went to dinner at a vegetarian restaurant and had an empanada the size of Caroline’s head.


I have discovered that older Bolivian people like to touch Mirabelle’s hair, I am assuming because it is red.  She is getting tired of it so we are coming up with a phrase for her to say… No Tocar.  Next stop the Salar!!


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