Christmas Eve

We arrived in Albuquerque late on Dec 23rd and drove our rental car to Santa Fe, we had a bit of trouble with packing all our luggage into the car rental.  This doesn’t bode well for South America, but we made it work.  We arrived at our house rental and went straight to bed.


The next day we met up with Oma and the rest of Maddy’s brothers for Christmas Eve celebrations.  I searched for Lefsa (Potato wraps) but to no avail, apparently the Norwegians didn’t settle in Santa Fe.  Brian and I had a legendary pie contest which came out to a tie due to one of my own daughters not choosing my pie.  We had King crab for dinner which was amazing.  Matt and I played a round of Frisbee golf, once the pie was completed.


After dinner the whole family took a stroll down Canyon Road with about 20,000 of our closest friends, yes it was packed, lots of lighted bags and Christmas cheer.  The kids went to bed after so that Santa Claus could come.  We were a bit too tired to attend Christmas mass after a packed day.



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