Buen viaje

Departure day is finally here, we started the day frantically cleaning and packing the house.  Once that was completed everyone seemed to relax a bit and the excitement of leaving set in.  We left the house with 3 big suitcases and 2 small ones, everyone had their own backpacks.  Thanks to our Nieghbor’s Steve and Ellen for looking after the house while we are gone.

The before picture!!
Front range of the Rocky Mountains
MKE airport

We said goodbye to Nana yesterday with a fun pre-Christmas dinner and our babysitter Hannah drove us to the Milwaukee airport.  Today is Papa’s 72nd birthday and we have been thinking about him alot, and missing him dearly.  We are off to Santa Fe for Christmas with Maddy’s family before heading out to La Paz Bolivia on Dec 31st.


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