Serengeti safari

By Mirabelle

After almost being eaten by a lion in Ngorongoro we were off to the Serengeti! This national park is one of my new favorites in the country of Tanzania because of its beauty, animals, and wide-open landscapes. After a 2-and-a-half-hour drive, we found ourselves with hospitality and fresh mango juice at the Kirurumu tent camp getting ready to unpack our suit-cases. The next day we headed off into the wild in hopes of finding cheetahs, zebras and a warthog

In the dining tent
Homework in the glamping tent

After waking up, getting dressed, and eating some breakfast (which included these veggie frittatas with onions and peppers that were decadent) we met up with our amazing tour guide Lesikar who drove us around until we found a herd of elephants which were apparently very revolting to Caroline but they weren’t what we were looking for. Later in the day as we were laying around being bit by mosquitos,we spotted a couple of cars in the distance so we crept up behind them waiting to see something miraculous – we spotted five cheetahs. Did you know all cheetahs are identical!

On the second day I was the one with unfortunate luck seeing as I threw up before we even started to drive. But as we started our luck began to pick up as we saw two more cheetahs laying down by the shade, however that did not last long as they tried to race after Deric the warthog who definitely had no hakuna matata based on how fast he ran. He thankfully outran those cheetahs.

Cheetah mama and youth before chasing the warthog

After that first game drive we headed back to chill out for a while and have lunch. The second game drive was much different seeing as no cheetahs were found (and Deric was in peace) but the one thing that was found interesting enough, was lions… the lions weren’t alone THEY HAD SOMETHING … SOMETHING DEAD. It turns out that a pregnant wildebeest had been taken down, not eaten but taken down. why pregnant… well apparently the lions were not in need of a meal, they were in need of a tiny, unborn, wildebeest chew toy.

King of the jungle
Lion with his chew toy. He played with this thing for a very long time but didn’t want to eat it.


2 thoughts on “Serengeti safari

  1. Mimi, I think you have a future as a writer! You guys were busy in the Serengeti; look forward to hearing about and seeing Egypt!


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