Celebrating Oma’s birthday in Santa Fe

We were excited to be able to stop on the way home in Santa Fe, where my mom has a house. We weren’t sure she would be feeling well enough to meet us there, but she was. She had just turned 70 a few days before so we were excited to welcome her with lots of birthday cards!

Happy birthday Oma!
Kids were so happy to see Oma
Me too!

We didn’t do a whole lot while we were in Santa Fe. Lots of hanging out at home, escaping the cold. We did get out once as a family to walk around town and eat some brunch outdoors (brrrr but gotta stay safe even if Oma has had her vaccine!)

All bundled and masked up in town

Mike and I also went on a number of walks around town, which is so charming! We got some snow, but luckily only a dusting instead of the 4-6 inches predicted.

We aren’t in Baja anymore, Campy!
Charming scenery on a stroll
Oooh that was a cold little hike up this hill above Santa Fe

We got some chocolates and champagne to celebrate Valentine’s Day and enjoyed some time by the fire!


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