Gray whales in Guerrero Negro

By Maddy

After Mulege, it was a fairly quick drive to the pacific coast where we camped at Ojo de Liebre, a very flat sandy area on a bay where gray whales come to mate and to give birth to babies.

Sunset from our campsite. You could see the whales in the distance

Early the next morning we headed out to go see the whales. It was a really amazing experience. I came here 20 years ago on spring break during college and I remember how awesome it was, so I was excited to bring the family. It did not disappoint!

We stopped at the visitors center to get our tickets and then headed out with our captain Luis.

Grey whale skeleton

We took the boat out about 15 minutes, seeing whales spouting on all sides the whole way out. Once we were in the center of the action we waited and three huge whales came and basically played around boat. They swam next to us, under the boat and around and around. They came up next to the boat again and again, and we all enjoyed reaching out to pet them. Not sure where else in the world you can get so close to these amazing creatures. They were small compared to the blue whale we saw in Loreto but still massive!!

We also got to see a baby whale swimming alongside a mama, but didn’t get close enough to pet it.

They encouraged us to pet the whales. We all got the chance. So amazing!!
A flipper close up
Breaching in the distance

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