Digging for clams!

By Julian

In Bahia Conception, we stayed at a beach called El Requison.

We drove up in the RV, then I quickly went outside to see the new bench. Well I was playing in the sand my dad came back and said we were digging for clams!!

I was super Excited I’ve never done for clams before so I ran across the beach to where mom was. Then I thought an old lady that found like 20 of the clans I was so excited to get started!! So the first thing I did was go right next to mom and search for clams by digging in the sand. So then I didn’t find any for 10 minutes, so I went to where dad was dad said this was the jackpot area I did for a little while but I got kind of impatient so I went to where mom was Then I saw a big clam!! So I decided to dig for more I found a lot of baby clams that we couldn’t keep because they were Tiny. So I went back over to where dad was and I found like three big clams so I was excited I dug for a little while longer and I eventually found one more clam. But then Caroline and Mimi came rushing over they said there are so many clams!!! So I hurried over And just like they said I found like 10 clams in the first five seconds.

Dad cooked the clams for dinner. We didn’t really like them but he did. We had so many we couldn’t cook them all so we shared some with other campers nearby.

We moved the second night to a beach close by called Playa La Perla. It was so cute and we were the only campers there. We set up our cabana like a little house.

Mimi and dad playing chess in the cabana

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